Kindly check the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to get familiar with the functions of our platform. If you are not satisfied with the answers, then please call us on 09 678 666 111 or write to us at [email protected] between 9 am - 9 pm every day to get our immediate help.

How do I register on Meena Click?

Simply click on Login/Signup and follow the prompts to set up a secure account.

How do I place an order on Meena Click?

Shopping online is easy! Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Browse via the product categories that you can find on the left-hand menu and refine your search with the search bar on the top.

Step 2

If you decide to purchase an item, add the item to your Shopping Cart by clicking the 'Add to Bag' button. Continue shopping across our online store with brands you want.

Step 3

You can view the contents of your Shopping Cart at any time by clicking the cart icon middle-right of each page. You can proceed to ‘Checkout’ if you have added all your products.

Step 4

When you are ready to purchase your items, click the 'Add to Bag' button. This will take you to the 'Shopping Cart' which lists all of the items you have chosen to purchase, as well as the subtotal of the cost. If any special offers are available on your chosen items, the details of these will be displayed in your 'Shopping Cart'.

Step 5

Enter your delivery details, choose your delivery method, select your method of payment and click on ‘Checkout’.

Step 6

We will send you a confirmation SMS to confirm that we have received your order.

I want to change my contact details; how do I do this?

Log into your account, click on your name on top right of any page and follow the prompts to manage your account.

Why has my credit card been declined?

All credit and debit cardholders are subject to validation checks and authorization by the card issuer. If the issuer of your credit card refuses to or for some reason does not authorize payment to Meena Click, then you will be notified of this during the checkout process. For further details of declined payments, please contact your card issuer.

My order didn’t go through, but I think you have charged me?

When you enter your card details to pay for your order, your bank automatically deducts the money from your available balance although it is not actually taken from your account until we dispatch your order.

If I pay with my bank card and I don’t like the product will you return the money?

No, as the bills are already made and adjusted with the petty cash we cannot return the money; instead we will replace the product; only if there is any reasonable ground.

If you pay with your bank card and you want to cancel the order before/at the time of delivery only for that you don’t like the product, we cannot return your money. Changes of intention are not acceptable. 

But, if we are unable to dispatch your order, we do not charge you and the money is automatically put back onto your available balance by your Bank. This usually takes around 07 working days but the exact timeframe does depend on your card issuer and your bank.

If this timeframe has elapsed, and the money still has not been released, please contact your card issuing bank or the Customer Service on 09678666111. (between 9 am - 9 pm every day). Meena Click's authority will not be liable for any delay of card refunding issue if we’ve done our functions with your bank within the above-mentioned time.     

What if the product I ordered is not available?

When you will receive a call to get a confirmation on the order you made, you will be informed that the stock has ran out for the time being. You will be suggested a replacement or a refund. But if the item is non-perishable and you would like to wait. We will be happy to be at your service.

What if I am not home to receive the delivery of my online order?

You will get a call from the outlet before making the delivery when they call you can choose a preferred timeframe for the delivery. You can also nominate another person who already knows all the details of your order. In this case please mention the contact details of the person who will receive your order. Then we will call your designated person to receive your ordered delivery. We may verify the representative with proof of your mentioned identity details.

I have placed an order for someone as a gift; will they receive a proof of purchase?

Yes, all online orders will include proof of purchase making refund, exchanging and warranty of the item easy for the recipient.

How many hours do you need to deliver my order?

We will deliver within one hour to four hours based on the time of your order (9 am – 8 pm) * (See Delivery Disclaimer for details)

If you order after 8pm then the delivery time will be fixed the next morning after informing you.

What is your delivery means?

We do our delivery using our own delivery bikes, riders, and delivery personnel.

If I don’t like the quality of the product when you deliver will you take it back?

Yes, you are free to check all the products before you receive them and pay our delivery man for the purchase if it is cash on delivery; and if any products fail to meet your requirement then we will replace it with another one or anything that you require within the price range. We encourage our customers to cross-check each & every item while the delivery man is present at your premises. If there is no defect or any reasonable ground for any replacement, we will not replace the product during the delivery.

How will I know if the delivery is made to the right place?

We will confirm the order through a phone call and will also call you before making the delivery.

Can I order from abroad/outside Bangladesh?

Yes, you can order from anywhere in the world and we will deliver your required products within our jurisdiction within the specified time frame. In this case please mention the contact details of the person who will receive your order.

Is the price mentioned on the website more than that of the outlets?

No, all the products are sold at MRP, so you will find the same on our website, and in our outlets.

How long I can delay to receive my order?

After confirmation, any customer can delay receiving their products up to 72 hours only. During these 72 hours if the ordered products are stock out or the respective offer expires; then Meena Click is not liable to give the customer the ordered products/offers.

What If my coupon code or free product offer is not working?

All free product offer and coupon offers are subject to availability. These offers are always available as first come first serve basis. If any free product or coupon has crossed its limit during the respective offer period; Meena Click will not accept any claim and will not be liable to cancel the respective order.

FAQ: Standard Chartered Cashback Campaign

1. What is the offer?

5% cashback on every transaction using selected Standard Chartered Bank credit cards at Meena Click website and mobile app.

2. Who is eligible to avail this offer?

All Standard Chartered Visa BDT credit cardholders and Mastercard BDT gold & platinum credit cardholders are eligible to avail this cashback.

3. How long is the offer valid?

The offer is valid for transaction from 4 April 2020 to 18 April 2020

4. What Is there maximum cashback per transaction?

Maximum cashback per transaction is BDT 200.

5. Is there any transaction limit?

There is NO transaction limit.

6. Is there any category restriction?

No. The offer is valid for all categories.

7. Is the offer applicable for all platform?

Yes. Offer is valid for both website and app.

8. When I will receive the cashback?

Eligible cardholders will receive the cashback within 30 days after the campaign expires.

FAQ: City Bank American Express Cashback Campaign

What is the offer?
Enjoy 5% Cashback at by using your City Bank American Express® Consumer Credit Cards.

Who can avail the offer?
All City Bank American Express® Consumer Credit (Agora, DU, City Alo, GreenBlue, Biman, Gold & Platinum) Cardmembers can avail the offer.

What is the offer duration?
The offer is valid from 6th April 2020 to 19th April 2020

Is there any capping?
YES! There is a capping of BDT 300 per transaction and BDT 1,000 per CM during the campaign period.

Are Supplementary CMs eligible for the offer?
YES! Both Primary & Supplementary Cardmembers are eligible for the offer. 

When will the Cashback amount be credited to Cardmembers?
Cardmembers will have to pay the regular price at the time of purchase. Upon selecting AMEX Card, Cashback amount will be credited to CM’s account once the campaign period ends. 

Is there any EMI facility?
The offer is without any EMI facility 

Is there any minimum or maximum transaction limit to get the offer?
NO! There is no minimum or maximum transaction limit to get the offer 

Is the offer applicable for both POS and E-Commerce transactions?
This will be an online/E-Commerce based offer and not for POS transaction.

Where do I contact for Refund or Exchange related issues?
The Refund, Cancel or Exchange related issues are as per the rules and regulations of the merchant’s policies. 

FAQ: BRAC Bank Visa Credit Card Cashback Campaign 

Q1: What is the offer?

Earn 7% cashback on purchase from online groceries - maximum Tk. 300 for each online shop using BRAC Bank Visa credit card till 24th April 2020.

Q2: Who can avail the offer?

All BRAC Bank Visa credit cardholders.

Q3: How long the offer is valid?

From 6th April 2020 to 24th April 2020.

Q4: Is there any limit of cashback amount?

Yes, a cardholder can avail 7% maximum Tk. 300 cashback for each online shop during this campaign period.

Q5: How many times I can avail the offer?

There is no limit. A cardholder can avail 7% maximum Tk. 300 cashback for each online shop during this campaign period.

Q6. Is the offer applicable for all platform?

Yes. Offer is valid for both website and app.

Q7: When customers will receive the cashback?

Customer will receive the cashback in their Visa credit card within 30 working days after the end of the campaign.

Card Related

Q8: Can I avail the offer using a debit card?    No.

Q9: Can I avail the offer using a prepaid card?    No.

Q10: Can I avail the offer using a Mastercard credit card?  No.

Q11: Can I avail the offer using supplementary card?

Yes, you can. However, a single Tk. 300 limit will be applicable on combined transactions from primary and supplementary cards.

Partner Related

Q12: Where do I contact for delivery and refund related issues?

Please contact for these type of issues. 

General Terms and Conditions - BRAC Bank Visa Credit Card Cashback Campaign 

1. BRAC Bank Visa credit cardholders will enjoy 7% cashback up to Tk. 300 during the campaign period for all your shopping at during 6th April 2020 to 24th April 2020.

2. Only BRAC Bank Visa credit cardholders (both primary & supplementary cardholders) are eligible for the campaign. However, a single Tk. 300 limit will be applicable on combined transactions from primary and supplementary cards.

3. Campaign is valid from 6th April 2020 to 24th April 2020.

4. The offer are applicable for online purchases only.

5. Delivery and refund as per merchant’s standard policy.

6. Products and services are delivered by merchants. BRAC Bank will not be liable for any failure to delivery, late delivery, and defective products.

7. Merchants are liable for ensuring product/ service quality, on-time delivery, refund, customer service or any other service. BRAC Bank will not be liable for any issue.

8. Only successful transactions will be counted.

9. No refund transaction will be included.

10. The cashback will be credited to cardholders’ card within 30 working days after the completion of the campaign.

11. BRAC Bank reserves the right to calculate and disburse the cashback as per campaign guidelines.

12. BRAC Bank will not be liable for the quality of product or service delivered; neither it will be responsible for the delivery timeline.

13. BRAC Bank reserves the right to amend or discontinue the campaign without prior notice.

FAQ: Lanka Bangla Cashback Campaign

1. How much cash back LankaBangla Card members will get on buying groceries at

6 % cashback or BDT 200 whichever is lower on total transaction throughout the campaign

2. Who are eligible for getting the Cashback?

All LankaBangla Card members are eligible to get the cashback if they buy any product from during the campaign period

3. Who will provide the cashback amount & when?

LankaBangla Finance Ltd. will give the cashback to LankaBangla Card members after the campaign period

4. Campaign period time detail.

11th April, 2020 – 30th April, 2020

Visa & SSLCOMMERZ Save & Save Campaign 2020

Offer and Eligibility Details

  • 10% off up to BDT 100
  • Offer applicable on first 2 transactions when you save a new Visa card

Terms and Conditions

  • Customers must save their Visa Card while paying online.
  • One Visa card can only be used twice to avail the offer. The discount won't apply if the card is removed and then added again.
  • If a customer has already saved their Visa card at an earlier time (before March 24, 2020) the same card won’t be eligible to avail the offer from the same website. The discount is only applicable for customers who save a new Visa card on a particular website.
  • Payment must be made through SSLCOMMERZ Gateway.
  • Payment must be done through a Visa card.
  • Only successful transactions will be counted.
  • No refund transaction will be included.
  • Offer valid till 31st July, 2020.
  • Visa & SSL Wireless reserves the right to modify campaign terms & conditions in any manner or cancel the entire campaign at any time without giving any prior notice.
  • Visa & SSL Wireless reserves the right to add/remove participating merchants as well as modify the discount modality of the participating merchants at any time during the campaign period.
  • Visa & SSL Wireless reserves the right to cancel discount if the particular transaction and/or the customer transaction behavior raises reasonable suspicion that the customer has abused the benefit of the campaign.

FAQ: Visa & SSLCOMMERZ Save & Save Campaign 2020

1. What is the duration of this offer?

Offer valid till 31st May, 2020

2. How can I avail this offer?

If you have a Visa card, you can enjoy the offer by saving your Visa Card while paying online.

3. Which gateway is applicable for the transaction for this campaign?

SSLCOMMERZ Payment Gateway is applicable for the campaign.

4. Which payment channels are allowed for this campaign?

Any Bangladeshi Local Visa card is allowed for this campaign. This includes both Debit and Credit cards of Visa

5. How many times can I avail the offers during the campaign period?

You can avail the offer twice when you save your Visa card while paying online. However if you have already saved your card at an earlier time (before March 24, 2020), the same card won’t be eligible to avail the offer from that particular website.

6. Will I receive discount if my payment is successful?

If your payment is valid then SSLCOMMERZ recognizes the transaction as authentic, you will receive discount depending on the terms and conditions of the campaign. Otherwise, SSLCOMMERZ reserves the right to cancel the discount.

7. Is it safe to save my card information here?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to save your card information with SSLCOMMERZ. SSLCOMMERZ is authorized and licensed as a Payment Systems Operator (PSO) by Bangladesh Bank. SSLCOMMERZ is also PCI DSS compliant which is one of the most respected and recognized payment data security standard in the world. To achieve this compliance, an organization needs to go through quarterly tests and face rigorous audit through a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). To continue with the compliance, SSLCOMMERZ goes through annual recertification process every year.

8. When will my saved cards be used for transactions?

When you opt to save your card for one of our merchants, we will prompt you the saved cards which you can select for making a payment.

9. How do you ensure that my saved card is used only by me?

When you are saving your card information during registration, we will verify you through Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure that you own the card then map it with entered mobile phone number. Afterwards, whenever we get your mobile phone number and we will verify your mobile phone number either through 2FA or an OTP before you can make any payments. We will keep track of your transactions and alert you if we detect any suspicious activities.

If you face any issues or problems, you can also reach out to us in following contact points:

[email protected]

+880 9612 226222